Overprint press printed forms: OMR/OCR/ICR/Non-Scan

• Cut Sheets
• (4) page booklets, 11x17 construction
• Signature Booklets on-line stitched up to (16) sheets
• Continuous multi-part(printed on a line-printer only)
• Custom sizes (widths from 8½" up to 17" and lengths from 11" up to 14")
• Graphics, logos, etc... in color or black/white
• Binary Lithocode and Arabic/OCR numbering (consecutive, lot and variable)
• Barcoding(consecutive, lot and variable)
• MRC Numbering(consecutive, lot and variable)
• Pre-Slugging
• Text Personalization

Print Direct From File

• Verity® Teleform file (ability to manipulate single pages to several types of constructions)
• *.pdf format
• Graphic Files

Custom Programming/Design

• Custom program overprint matrix to customer specifications
• File handling and formatting of customers supplied variable data

Postal verification software for pre-sorting and optimized postal discounts


OMR form definition programming for most scanning utility software on the market
Low and High volume sheet, card, and booklet scanning
OMR Ink and pencil read capabilities
Custom ASCII file layouts to customer specifications
Conversion of ASCII file to MS-Excel or MS-Access formats
OCR form definition & scanning services using the Verity® Teleform product


Straight Item Analysis
Custom reporting based on statistical data analysis requirements
Various Reporting Formats

• Hard copies in requested presentation format
• Electronic files


Full design capabilities for OMR/OCR/ICR forms to exact manufacturer’s specifications
Full design capabilities to recreate OCR forms from specific manufacturers
Output services for Verity® Teleform, NCS Design Expert™ (OMR & ACCRA), Adobe Acrobat® (.pdf) forms
Output electronic graphic files via email, modem, or disk(floppy, zip, CD)
Ability to handle existing negatives
Static, color proofs or *.pdf proofs

Presses are configured for registration printing required by OMR/OCR forms
Paper(virgin) and Inks (OCR & Laser compatible) are premium quality to match industry standards
Up to 6 color text-graphics capablities
Cut Sheets
Cut Cards
Cut page-forms and cards with tear-outs
Multi-Parts (snap-sets, continuous, and booklets)
Binary Lithocode and Arabic Numbering (consecutive)
Computerized on-line lot based Binary Lithocode and Arabic Numbering
MRC (Machine Readable Code) Numbering (for pageforms and cards)
On-line Bindery

Folding (Half, tri-fold, half and in half again and more)
Collating (sheet, roll, and more)
Punching (various hole configurations)
Tabbing and counting
Back Trim and Corner Cut
Fulfillment services
Drop Ship preperation
Packaging (Boxing, Inner Cartons, Poly Bagging)

On-Line UPS and FedEx
Domestic and International
Drop Shipments